Sean M. Johnson


I endeavor to make pieces that represent a conflation of similar moments to convey an experience in a single snapshot. The tenuous grasp on a moment, the richness of the experience, and the romance of the memory perpetually teeter on the brink of being lost.  I want my work to resonate on this brink.  I use balance as a process in my work to deliver a physical tension that makes vulnerability and fragility palatable to the viewer.


Using balance and tension as a process is a way for my work to physically connect with the viewer. Most efficacious artwork will set up a dialog with the viewer using color, or subject matter, or scale.  The connection I strive to make with the viewer is the sensation of unease that comes with the realization that what they are seeing is real.  I want the viewer to be aware of the precarious nature of my pieces so that they can start to form a relationship with them.  The process itself is a physical risk that I take in order to invite someone to emotionally or mentally invest in my work.